Structural Health Monitoring Education

This workshop is grant-funded and intended for domestic faculty only and limited to 25 participants.
At completion, each participant will receive a certificate and award of $100.

You are invited to adopt and introduce a fully developed and self-contained
Structural Health Monitoring Education Unit to your undergraduate civil
engineering students across two required structural engineering courses
structural analysis and structural design.

To aid you in this process, you are offered an opportunity to participate in a
workshop at which you will be provided with:
• A comprehensive Planning and Implementation Guide
• All the educational materials needed to implement the Unit

Workshop participants will have:
• Timely access to help if needed
• A chance to purchase a SHM equipment system at a significant discount
• Opportunity to participate in an SHM Learning Community as a contributing member

Workshop Opportunity
You are encouraged to participate in our Planning and Implementation
Workshop being held at 2:30-5:30 pm, August 4th in advance of the SHMII-9
Conference, August 4-7, in St. Louis, MO. Subject to NSF approval, each participant
will be provided complimentary workshop registration.